Useful Phrases For Effective Business Letters

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Here are several phrases that will help you train during your ESL Class
and write effective business letters of many types.

Keep them always handy and improve your business English in no time:

1. Sample sentences to request information
-I am writing to inquire about
-I am writing in reference to
-I read/heard and would like to know
-Could you please send meat the address below/above.
-Thank you for your assistance.
-I look forward to hearing from you.

2. Sample sentences in response to a request
-Thank you for your interest/inquiry.
-Enclosed is the information you requested.
-You can learn more about this at
-If you have further questions or if you need assistance, please contact:
-If I can be of more help, please feel free to contact me at

3. Sample sentences to make requests
-Could you please send me your most recent brochure?
-Could you fax me the results of the market survey?
-I would like to order ten copies of the book Difficult Situations.
-I would be very grateful if you could send me this information.
-Please return the enclosed envelope with your payment.

4. Sample sentences of goodwill
-Thank you for your hospitality.
-I enjoyed having lunch with you last week while I was in Chicago.
-Congratulations on your promotion to Manager.
-I want(ed) to congratulate you on your new position.
-I was happy to hear that the negotiations went well.

5. Sample sentences for the introduction of a product or service
-I am writing to tell you about
-(Our new product) is coming out next month.
-This product/service is designed to (help you)

6. Sample sentences for a reference
-I am writing in regard to
-I am writing in reference to
-Please refer to the enclosed invoice/brochure.
-I hope you have had a chance to look over the materials we sent.

7. Sample sentences for confirmation
-I am writing to confirm
-I would like to confirm what we discussed last Friday.
-I would just like to confirm the main points we discussed

8. Sample sentences for notification
-I am writing to let you know that
-Please be aware/informed that
-I would like to inform you of a recent policy change. I am happy to inform you that
-Your request for funding has been approved.

9. Sample sentences for offering assistance
-We would be happy to
-If we can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

10. Sample sentences for collection
-According to our records
-Our records show that
-Your monthly installment is past due.
-Please send payment as soon as possible.

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Useful Phrases For Effective Business Letters

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This article was published on 2011/01/05